sea urchins and other sea food – harvested by our remote controlled system

from the arctic fjords in Northern Norway



We are a startup company. We are working towards the phase of commercialization


Located in Tromsø, Norway
Registration number is: NO  917 785 767 mva


ECOFANG: ecological sustainable catch

The name ECOFANG is derived from the two words "ECO" and "FANG".  The word ECO has several meaning and in our case it points to ecology. The word FANG came into English from the Old Norse word fang, meaning “capture, grasp”, and the Old English fang which means "what is caught". Fang also refers to "an animal's prey is seized and sustained"


Our team

Jens Kristian Henriksen

Position: CEO/Founder

Metuselah Henriksen

Position: Co-Founder

Richard Aune

Position: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

In progress

Position: Captain

Captain at our vessel for operation with the Universel Harvester.

NB: Available Position

Position: Pilot ROV

Pilot for our Remotely Operated Vehicle, the Universel Harvester. For more information about the position, please make contact.

Tor Larsen

Position: Consultant

Daniel Martinsen

Position: Sales Agent