sea urchins and other sea food – harvested by our remote controlled system

from the arctic fjords in Northern Norway

+++Our investors will be listed according to their approval as deals are closing+++

National potential of sea urchins

Total population in Norwegian Fjords
By scientists estimated to be 80 Billion individuals

Sustainable harvest rate
The upper potential of a sustainable harvest, with harvest rate of 10%, the outcome is:
8 Billion individuals, divided by 16 sea urchins per kilogram, equals: 500 Million kilograms of sea urchins

Marked value
500 Million kg x Market Price

Market price
Varies greatly, depending on numerous factors, as roe containment, color, flavor, etc
Varies between 10 – 70 €/kg

National potential
Annually 5 – 35 Billion Euro

We address our investors, contributors and supporters


2020: Capital raised by privat investors (€ 212 400)

2020: Granted us funding for VIT-Project (€ 32 000)

2020: Granted us funding for commercializing phase 2 (€ 70 000)

2019: Granted us funding for commercializing phase 1 (€ 62 000)

2019: Joining their Incubator program, granted us funding (€ 6 000)

2018: Achieved participation in their Start-Up program

2018: Mentoring service provided (€ 3 800)

2018: Welcome us to establish office freely in Forskningsparken

2018: Granted us pre-incubation assessment

2018: In dialog towards cooperation in a project of developing autonomous technology for marine harvesting, processing, etc

2016: Presentation of the concept to the Ministry of Fisheries.

2015: Supporter from our early stage - we are very thankful

2015: Granted us funding for phase of establishment (€ 10 000)